About us

His father studied Jazz Piano and owned a couple of organs when Matthias Krämer was born. Instead of cassette tapes he grew up with Vinyls and Reel-to-reel tape recorders. Thanks to this he couldn't avoid to be in touch with handmade music, almost on a daily basis. Therefore it's not surprising that Matthias – after early experiences with a recorder – soon started learning to play instruments such as Violin, Guitar and the Drums.

However, he later was pulled away a bit from making music. Instead his professional education directed him towards video production, audio recording, graphic designing and public relations. For years he was media spokesperson for a sports championship in Germany. At this time he still didn't know how usefull that would become for him later.

In 2008 Matthias Krämer moved to East Africa where he ran a video and music studio and soon started managing first artists. It turned out that being a music producer together with experience in PR and business management are a good combination. His roster was soon growing and he produced some of the most successfull live music concerts in Tanzania.

Late 2012 he moved to Zambia where he got in touch with more African musicians and booked and managed a concert tour for Yvonne Mwale. Mid 2013 he then shifted back to Germany from where his agency is now operating. Thanks to his experiences Matthias knows exaktly what it means to survive in music business in Africa but at the same time knows very well the expectations of European customers. 

The aim of Matthias Krämer and the team of Krämer Production is to promote selected African artists with extraordinary talents to the European market, meeting the requirements of professional international productions.

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