A global artist by any measure, the eclectically versatile and ever-passionate Yvonne Mwale returns this year with her fourth album release, the brilliantly vibrant and immersive ‘Free Soul’.

From difficult beginnings, Yvonne’s journey through life has been one that ultimately showcases an entirely unique style and perspective in her music. Currently residing in Germany, Yvonne works hard to leave her struggles behind her, to move on from the past and embrace a brighter future with open arms. ‘Free Soul’ is absolutely an embodiment of that progression and intention.

A supreme collection of original recordings, designed to provoke feelings of energy and blissful escapism, ‘Free Soul’ incorporates tribal rhythms and a number of different genres and styles. Leading with an organic world music vibe, yet skilfully fusing this with multiple layers of pop, jazz and even EDM, the album is an easy must for world music and pop fans far and wide. Wherever the moment takes her, the songs represent this in a unique instance of expression and creative freedom. Even amidst such variety though, Yvonne’s inherent connection to her roots can always be relied upon to breathe life and authenticity into the process.

Far from a new starter, Yvonne has already performed at a plethora of international music festivals, and has bagged a handful of impressive awards along the way. In 2009 she won Best Upcoming Female Artist at the Ngoma Awards in Zambia. That same year she took home an award at the CrossRoads InterRegio Festival. In 2013, her well-travelled nature found her as a finalist at the RFI Prix Decouverté in France, and in 2018 she took second place at the World Citizen Artists Awards in Jamaica.

The journey has been a long and unpredictable one, but these qualities and experiences undoubtedly shine with stunning brightness throughout this latest project. From mellow layers of melody to choir-like harmonious anthems and outright dance-floor smashes, ‘Free Soul’ encapsulates precisely the concept implied by its title. Yvonne Mwale is a free soul, through and through. A talented, emotionally intentional and musically skilful artist, who we can expect and hope to see performing on stages across the globe in 2020 and beyond.


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